To start things off, can you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hey what's up guys its Painless Indenial! Most of my interests and genres are all over the place and I can never settle into one thing I like😅 My personality can be as broad as my heart and I love that my spectrum has brought me to find great minds alike.

I like to bring the darkest, brightest, and weirdest ideas in my mind to life every day and I always strive to create better and make myself better every day♡ My time is spent through the arts of music, modeling, dancing, nature, anime, drawing, paganistic "witch" practices, aesthetics, laughter, and just straight up adventures.

I want to proke others minds and relate to others, whether its to heal with yall with similar traumas or vibe creativity back and forth to each other, and do it through everything I create or do; and I'll never stop growing along with it 🖤

Tell us about your career as a model, from how you got started to now.

I was about 14 when I started finding the alternative scene and style; and there were these things called site modeling on Myspace and Fb that would repost all sorts of modeling styles and even models just starting out.

I was inspired by the alternative styles and bought my own camera, learned the tips and tricks and have been learning more ever since.

I got reposted on "top sites"/websites from AlexAddicted, Scene Lgt, InkDolls, Gore, etc. I took a break for a couple of years and when I came back I joined up with Brutal Business Entertainment that gave me many opportunities.

These days I'm an independent model willing to collaborate with other photographers and models.

What advice do you have for aspiring models?

Stay true to yourself. If you feel something is too hard or too far in the distance to achieve, do it anyway or keep working towards it, you will get there.

Stand up for yourself. Please make yourself aware and safe at all times and cautious of anything you do. And never ever give up on your passion, no matter how discouraged you may get 💕


What does it take to be a successful alt model?

Tons of time, effort, and money; and once you're on set be serious but let your personality shine through in your work. Stay confident, even if you fake it. Never lose your drive for it 🙂

What do you like most about being a model? What do you least enjoy?

During shoots I love getting lost in a story. Putting your mindset into it and forgetting about the real world to showcase an era, scene, timeplace, person, etc. fills me with the ethereal excitement I cant ever explain and I cant get enough of that.

The thing I like least is being underground and being alternative is very hard to compete with the normal lines of imagery being portrayed to us. I feel if everyone could see the beauty in all genres, shapes, features, and sizes people can start to feel comfortable with being themselves and I hope my part in this can leave that impact🖤

If you could shoot with anyone (models and/or photographers), who would you choose and why?

It may seem silly to others, but I want to work with local people and other aspiring minds. I want to build each other up and learn from one other. Coming from the same place I know I can find people with same goals and aspirations; especially coming from a small town, a lot of people dream and everyone says dont shoot for the stars, but if we can all work together we could all be somewhere wed dream to be

If you not have be played in a horror movie will you do that if you get chance?

Hell yeah I'd be in a horror movie. Sometimes I kinda just want to be the psycho chick 😅


Your favorite horror movie are?

I love SO much horror, but hands down, all time favorite would have to be Necromentia.

What is the last horror film you saw? What did you think of it?

1922 by Stephen King. I love all his works and loved reading his books in my teen years so it was no surprise that I liked this as well.

The story was interesting to keep holding onto and it can prove no matter what you hide in the past, the rats will get to you in the end 😉

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

My main accounts I use

FB page:



Favorite country or place?

Hopefully I'll be able to travel to be able to tell you more some day. I plan on trips to places in Europe where my ancestry is from

Did you know anything about sweden?

I've probably seen a lot of funny memes of crazy things yall do lol but I also grew up watching PewDiePie from Sweden and learned some accustoms and words through watching him over the years 🙂

Will you say anything else to the people some read this interview some i forgot to ask about?

Hmmm, I'd just like to add the styles of my modeling so people know what to be in store for. I tend to stay along the gothic, witchy, pagan styles of modeling in the alternative scene but I also enjoy classy, hig

Also my contact email is  for how to find me