To start things off, can you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi Patrik, thanks for having me on here, Iím Craig Edwards, an actor from the UK.

What is the best thing about working in horror?

Itís a genre that Iíve always loved. To be able to go into making horror films was a huge bonus for me. Iíve had the chance to work on a few now, ranging from hammer horror style to 80ís inspired horrors, I've enjoyed working on every one of them.

What inspired you to be an actor?

I grew up watching and being awestruck by films such as the Bond films. I always wanted to have a go, but I always thought it was unreachable. So then I thought, Iíd become a professional footballer or a racing driver, because you know, thatís so much easier to do...

I ended up doing some modelling work while I was finishing school and into my early 20ís. I was then offered a role in a short film. I decided to give it a go and have never looked back. Itís safe to say it was that day I realised what I wanted to make a career of.

How do you prepare for roles?

I tend to take some quiet time by myself, Iíll put on some music, pour myself a drink then read the whole script again. Iíll try to gage the emotion of the script, the thoughts of the character, what they are thinking about perhaps. Iíll try to put myself into their shoes. Then Iíll chat with the director, see what their visions for the character are and then merge our ideas together. Iíll also increase my training and workout regimes to burn all those Burger Kings off ready for filming.

Can you tell us about the greatest moment in your film career?

I remember the first time I saw my name on Sky TV. There was this huge moment of ĎI canít believe thisí! Seeing my name appear then scrolling across to see Daniel Craigís name on the film afterwards was an incredible feeling.

What are some of your upcoming projects?

Iíve recently joined a new TV series called ďSwords of ScaveliaĒ. Iíll be playing a Knight, I believe the first episode is due in 2021. Iím also working on another feature as well but Iím sworn to secrecy, so I canít say much more on that one. Iíll also be working on a film called ďThe Con ManĒ where Iíll be playing the lead, itís about a man conning and deceiving his way through life. Lastly I have a TV Documentary series coming up which Iíll be presenting called ďA Haunted HistoryĒ.

What is the last horror film you saw?

The last horror I saw was ďThe Conjuring 2Ē

What did you think of it?

I Loved it, I thought the whole franchise has been fantastic!

What is your favorite horror movie and why?

Thatís a tough one, but Iíd have to say ďRecĒ. I donít know why exactly and I know most people will think differently, but there has always been something about it that I love!

If you could work with any actors or actresses who would they be and why?

Too many to name, but if I had to pick Iíd probably say Pierce Brosnan. I always thought he was great and he was probably my favourite actor growing up!

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

Hereís my IMDb:  all of my films can be found there, I believe that it also has links to some of the films on Amazon or Netflix


What is your personal definition of horror?

I like to feel on edge, I want to feel the need to look over my shoulder. If a film can do that, itís got my vote!

Favorite country or place?

Any woodland or mountains - throw me in with nature and Iím happy. My favourite place has to be the Scottish Highlands though.

Did you know anything about Sweden?

I know it is a beautiful country that I would love to visit at some point in the near future!